• Always come first

    If Zeus appears and asks us to define ourselves,
    these 4 words would be the exact ones.
  • Sumptous service for our clients

    Each of our client is special and hence the requirement unique. A wide range is always ensured on our palette.
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  • Think. Innovate

    With the life-reel playing in mono-chrome, we ensure to tickle those creative neurons to ensure our works are simple yet appealing.
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Every action performed is because of an idea conceived in an individual's graymatter. It is this conviction that drives individuals and us at Graymatter8 to create an impact globally.


A learned man once said "To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest."
At Graymatter8, it is this belief that keeps our dreams alive!


When the desires are strong enough, you will possess superhuman powers to achieve. All men who have been great achievers have first been great dreamers.

About Graymatter8

In the era of expanding global economies, it is very important to sell an idea to boost business and make winning propositions. Graymatter8 Media is an organization of professionals committed to provide end-to-end media related services to start-ups as well as established organizations.

Graymatter8 Media strives to make your objective of business augmentation and brand promotion a cakewalk, by providing tailor-made media solutions. All we need from you is your idea, and we shape it through to create an impact-creating and winning media solution.

Graymatter8 Media's team comprises technology geeks, business-domain professionals, and experts in web & multimedia; who bring in the right combination of skills to devise the appropriate media solution for each business need.

Latest updates

  • Website Revamped!

    We are glad to launch our revamped website. As our client assignments take most of the week days, the team had to work through the weekend to redesign the 2 year obsolete website. Adopting the latest, we've done this one in HTML5. Hope you like it!

  • GetStrunked Launched! 17.09.2012

    After a great zeal of effort, we have successfully tested and launched Get Strunked into its Beta Phase. Have a look at share your feedback.

  • AntEvents Launched! 12.09.2012

    We have successfully launched Ant Events into the websphere today. We are sure this calls for some celebration at Rain! Have a look at share your feedback.